Things That You Can Use Instead of Buying Expensive Fertilizers

No matter what you say. Plants need some fertilizers and other components in order for them to grow well and more fruits or vegetables to bare in the future. It gives the soil that chance to give more nutrients to the roots of the plants and absorb the needed vitamins and minerals that they need in order to grow better and in excellent condition.

Houston tree service gave their own list that can be used in the garden to fertilize their plants and other plants that is lacking from enough nutrients. We can’t deny the truth that the one that we buy in the stores or shops are too expensive to handle as they might cost a lot of money and it would only take few days and no more. Sometimes, they contain dangerous and harsh chemicals that can be very bad and unpleasant to the growth of the plants.

You can actually use some alternative products and things that you don’t need to buy using a lot of money. You don’t need to use those harmful ones that can affect the environment and the air and even to the plants. Here are some of the things that you can use instead of continuously using of those commercial products to be given to your plants as a fertilizer.

1. Don’t you know that some food items can be used as a great alternative to the commercially available fertilizers. If you are that person who loves drinking coffee. Then, you might reduce the chance of drinking it as they can be very good to use as a fertilizer. Just make sure that you will use the ground coffee so that it would be easy to decay and be absorbed by the soil and plants. Don’t use the wet coffee as they can be the cause of molds in the plant and soil.

2. If you like eating fruits like bananas, then you might consider not to throw the peel or skin of its next time as they could be a very good source of organic way of fertilizers. They can give the minerals and vitamins like potassium that the plant would need in order for them to grow.

3. It may sound weird but it is a good way to fertilize your ground or soil by putting some egg shells on the top layer of the soil. It gives them enough supply of calcium as we all know that they are rich in calcium content.

4. If you don’t like growing grasses in your garden, then you can cut or trim. Those trimmed grasses can be used as a fertilizer.

5. If you are cooking and using the woods or charcoal. It would leave some ashes from the burning woods. They are also a good source to make your plants healthy.

6. Sawdust is also a nice option to consider. Especially, if you are near to those shops that is cutting woods or making furniture. Then, you can ask for the sawdust.

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